Ultrasonic Preparation of the Prosthetic Space and its Influence on the Bond Strength of Fiber Post in Oval-Shaped Canals

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 1

Macchiavello Noguera Cristobal; Magasich Arze Consuelo & Peña Bengoa Fernando



Untouched canal walls with residual filling materials can increase the probability of adhesive failure of fiber posts. The drills used for desobturation and conformation of the prosthetic space, has a circular cross section, which does not allow a proper preparation and cleaning of oval-shaped canal walls. The objective of the study was to evaluate the ultrasonic cleaning of the prosthetic space and how this influences the adhesive strength of fiber posts in oval-shaped canals. Thirty (30) oval-shaped canal premolars were randomly divided into 3 groups (n = 10): Group A: rotary desobturation with ultrasonic complement, group B: rotary desobturation without ultrasonic complement and group C: control group. Fiberglass posts were cemented; after 7 days, one-millimeter slices were performed, one of the cervical and another from the middle third of the root. The slices were analyzed under an optical microscope to evaluate remaining gutta percha and effective adhesion area. Samples were subjected to a push-out test to evaluate bond strength of the fiber resin posts. Finally, samples were evaluated microscopically to analyze the type of failure. The results were analyzed using ANOVA, Bonferroni, KruskalWallis and Mann Whitney test (p < 0.05), recording statistically significant differences in bond strength, remaining gutta-percha area and clean walls for adhesion; In addition, to a direct relationship between remaining gutta percha and lower adhesive strength, the ultrasonic preparation of the prosthetic space increases bond strength of fiber posts in oval canals.

KEY WORDS: post space preparation, ultrasonic, oval-shape canals, fiber post, bond strength, push-out.


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MACCHIAVELLO, N. C.; MAGASICH, A. C. & PEÑA, B. F. Ultrasonic preparation of the prosthetic space and influence on the bond strength of fiber post in oval-d shape canals. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(1):109-116, 2020.


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