Effectiveness of the Maxillary Expansion in the Correction of Crowding and Mixed Dentition. Systematic Review

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 1

María Carolina Longlax Triana; Gustavo Jaimes Monroy; Nidia Jackeline Boada Cuesta & Adriana Marcela Lugo Latorre



Crowding at early ages is reflected when tooth size does not coincide with arch length. Thus, it is important to determine whether maxillary expansion alone could solve the problem of crowding in the anterior sector, bearing in mind that this treatment is one of the oldest and has commonly focused on solving transverse alterations in posterior teeth used at an early age. The objective was to determine whether or not maxillary expansion is effective in correcting crowding in the mixed dentition by analysing the available evidence. A systematic review was carried out in Spanish and English, to establish the maximum possible evidence, with the indications of the PRISMA guide. Two articles met the quality of the review. The first established that crowding improved after the treatment of maxillary expansion, with a minor recurrence in the permanent dentition. In the second, it was found that crowding in the upper permanent incisors was corrected when the expanding appliance was removed. The current evidence is not of sufficient methodological quality to lead to a decision. Randomized clinical trials are recommended in this area.

KEY WORDS: mixed dentition, preventive orthodontics, malocclusion, revision (DeCS).


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LONGLAX, T. M. C.; MONROY, G. J.; BOADA, C. N. J. & LUGO, L. A. M. Effectiveness of the maxillary expansion in the correction of crowding and mixed dentition. Systematic review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(1):101-106, 2020.


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