Considerations of Leiomyoma and its Intraosseous Variant in the Jaw, Working Algorithm According to Literature Analysis

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 1

Daniel Pino Díaz; Claudio Huentequeo-Molina; Alejandro Unibazo; Saul Siso & Sergio Olate



Leiomyoma is a benign neoplasm, the origin is the smooth muscle tissue that can be found in any area of the human body, which contains smooth muscle tissue. The most common regions it can be located, are the uterus, the skin and the gastrointestinal tract. The low quantity of muscle tissue in the mouth leads to infrequent oral manifestation, representing only 0.06 % of these tumors. The most affected regions are the lips, cheeks, palate, tongue and gums. The Histologic classification is: Solid Leiomyoma, Angioleiomyoma (vascular) and Epithelioid Leiomyoma (Leiomyoblastoma). The origin of this tumor in the mouth is the tunica media of the blood vessels. Nevertheless, and in spite of being defined as a benign tumor, it can be extremely aggressive, be subject to controversial diagnosis, and must often be treated as a malign neoplasm. The Intraosseous Leiomyoma is infrequent and presents a complicated differential diagnosis, with a histopathology that many times cannot be easily classified. The aim of this article is to present a review of intraosseous variant Leiomyoma in the mandible, the clinicians´ considerations and a treatment algorithm.

KEY WORDS: oral cavity, mandible, jaw, leiomyoma, angiomyoma, leiomyoma epithelioid.


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PINO, D. D.; HUENTEQUEO-MOLINA, C.;UNIBAZO, A.; SISO, S. & OLATE, S. Considerations of Leiomyoma and its intraosseous variant in the jaw, working algorithm according to literature analysis. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(1):117-123, 2020.


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