Root Resection in Molars: Clinical Evaluation for 10 Years

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 2

Márcio Eduardo Vieira Falabella; Raylla Jennifer Silva de Souza; Amanda Hastenreiter Costa Dornelas; Antônio Dimas Duarte Vieira & Leo Guimarães Soares



Root resection (RR) is a therapeutic option for furcation lesions grade II and III, fracture of one of the roots and root caries. The aim of the study was to evaluate in each selected period (5, 8 and 10 years) the percentage of maintenance of molars that underwent RR therapy with furcation lesions grade II and III or with root fractures. Subjects received the therapy with RR in molars with periodontitis, with furcation lesion grades II or III, and with fractures, caries or endodontic reason, in one of the roots. The supportive periodontal therapy was made for at least one annual session during the assessed time. For the clinical therapy to be considered successful, the tooth is remaining in functional loading, without mobility above grade I, pocket depth ≥ 4 mm, absence of bleeding on probing or exudate, fractures and root caries. Were evaluated the files of 37 patients, 15 males and 22 females, with a mean age of 51.4 (SD = ± 12.46), with a total of 44 teeth with RR, 27 upper and 17 lower molars. The survival rates after the RR was 97.73 % for 05 years of evaluation (44 teeth), 95.35 % for the 08 years (43 teeth) and 97.57 % for the 10 years (41 teeth). 35 teeth were restored with total crows isolated or abutment of fixed prosthesis. The survival rates after 10-years was 90.91 %, and there was no statistical difference between the types of restorations performed and the tooth survival rate.

KEY WORDS: furcation defects, periodontal diseases, dental prosthesis.


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FALABELLA, M. E. V.; DE SOUZA, R. J. S.; DORNELAS, A. H. C.; VIEIRA, A. D. D. & SOARES, L. G. Root resection in molars – clinical evaluation for 10 years. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(2):492-498, 2021.


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