Self-Perception of the Effects in the Use of Dentifrices With Clarifying Proposal

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 2

Ana Paula Gurgel Silva; Lucas Akccyl Albuquerque Alves; Maria Arianny Costa Tavares & Diala Aretha De Sousa Feitosa



Aesthetic demands have been increasing in society, it is known that smile is a determining factor in facial aesthetics, and that white teeth are associated with youth sign and oral health. Currently, toothpastes with whitening proposal are within reach of the majority of the population, which ensures a greater demand for these products. However, its effectiveness still raises doubts. This research aimed to evaluate the practice of toothbrushing with toothpastes that have whitening proposal, satisfaction, self-perception of the whitening response and the presence of hypersensitivity caused during its use. The data were collected through questionnaires, in which were evaluated Patients (n=50) attended at the Clinical School of the Centro Universitário Doutror Leão Sampaio, Academics of Dentistry (n=50) of the Centro Universitário Doutror Leão Sampaio and Surgeons-Dentists (n=50) of the city of Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará. Descriptive analysis of frequency distribution was performed, and Pearson’s Chi-Square test was performed, adopting a significance level of 5 %. It was found that all groups have made or make use of toothpastes with whitening proposal. The advertisement influenced the group of patients and academics of dentistry, however, for the group of Dentists, occurred by the knowledge and influence of another professional Dental Surgeon. Self-perception was negative regarding the whitening efficacy of these products, there was interruption, and the main complaints were dentin hypersensitivity and the non-whitening efficacy, the use of dentifrices with whitening proposal was not recommended by the group studied.

KEY WORDS: aesthetics, dentifrices, oral hygiene, tooth bleaching.


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SILVA, A. P. G.; ALVES, L. A. A.; TAVARES, M. A. C. & FEITOSA, D. A. S. Self-perception of the effects in the use of dentifrices with clarifying proposal. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(2):484-491, 2021.


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