Facial Trauma Prevalence from Traffic Accidents in the City of Cuenca – Ecuador, 2017

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 2

Chérrez Rodas María Verónica & Reinoso-Quezada Santiago



Trauma is defined as physical damage by the use of external force towards the human body. (Salazar et al., 2019). The etiology of facial trauma is multifactorial. Contusions caused by traffic accidents constitute the eighth cause of death worldwide. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of facial trauma due to vehicular accidents in 2017, and its relationship with age, gender and frequency in the level of emergency care at Vicente Corral Moscoso (VCMH) and José Carrasco Arteaga (JCAH) hospitals. In this way, real statistical information will be registered related to the degree of trauma, main causes and initial management, providing elements for the planning and execution of new studies, thus establishing prevention measures in the city of Cuenca. This is a retrospective descriptive study, carried out with data collection and authorized analysis of cases of patients diagnosed with facial trauma due to vehicular accidents who attended VCMH and JCAH emergency units in Cuenca Ecuador, in 2017. Variables were analyzed: hospital operating units, gender, age, type of facial trauma distribution, type of vehicle and ethylic status. The total prevalence of facial trauma due to vehicular accidents in the city of Cuenca in 2017 was 3.34 % from which, the male gender exceeded the female group, representing a 69.76 %, being the 20 to 44-year-old-group more prevalent with a 57.56 %. Panfacial trauma predominated representing a 28.48 %. The kind of vehicle which was commonly used up to a 65.69 % was an automobile. Ethyl breath was detected in 38 % of the patients. A predominance of Panfacial trauma was evidenced in the male sex and in the age group of 20-44. The kind of vehicle which was commonly used was the automobile. Ethyl status was verified in 4 of 10 patients.

KEY WORDS: Facial trauma, vehicular accident, epidemiology.


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CHÉRREZ, R. M. V. & REINOSO-QUEZADA, S. Facial trauma prevalence from traffic accidents in the city of Cuenca-Ecuador 2017. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(2):499-502, 2021.


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