Evaluation of Orofacial Injuries and Dental Trauma in Combat and Non-Combat Sports

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 4

Jordi Tomàs-Aliberas; Océane Casas; Dídac Sotorra-Figuerola & Natalia Felipe-Spada



Combat sports carry a high risk of suffering dentoalveolar trauma. This study evaluated the incidence of dentoalveolar lesions related to combat sports, together with the evaluation of athletes’ attitudes and habits regarding the use of mouth guards. This study was carried out using a digital survey system distributed in different sports clubs where combat and non-combat sports are practiced. Combat athletes are more likely to suffer a dentoalveolar lesion than non-combat athletes. Male sex and experience are predisposing factors in the appearance of dentoalveolar lesions, with soft tissue lacerations being the most frequent. Combat athletes wear more mouth guards than athletes in general, with the type II protector being the most used. Athletes who do not wear protectors do not consider it necessary. In case of suffering a dental avulsion, most of the participants consider that it is possible to reimplant an avulsed tooth.

KEY WORDS: dentoalveolar trauma, protection, prevention, mouth guards, avulsion, tooth rescue box.


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TOMÀS-ALIBERAS, J.; CASAS, O.; SOTORRA-FIGUEROLA, D. & FELIPE-SPADA, N. Evaluation of orofacial injuries and dental trauma in combat and non-combat sports. Int. J. Odonstomat., 17(4):484-491, 2023.


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