Apicoectomy of Lower First Molar. Literature Review and Case Report

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 4

Alan Polanco; Nicol Flores & Luis Perez



Apicoectomy consists of the amputation of the apical fraction of the root of an injured tooth and is considered the last therapeutic option to keep the affected tooth in the mouth. With the aim of elucidating the therapeutic potential of the surgical technique, in this study we present the case report of a patient with hyperesthesia associated with the inferior alveolar nerve due to overfilling of the mesial root of a left lower first molar. To solve the case we performed apicoectomy by conventional approach accompanied by empirical medication focused on resolving paresthesia associated to the procedure. During the controls after the surgical procedure we found absence of paresthesia and painful symptomatology, so we consider apicoectomy as a good treatment option in cases of apical overfilling that cannot be solved by non-surgical treatment.

KEY WORDS: apicoectomy, inferior alveolar nerve, case report, overfilling.


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POLANCO, A.; FLORES, N. & PEREZ, L. Apicoectomy of lower first molar. Literature review and case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(4):479-483, 2023.


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