Ethical Aspects of Radiological Protection in Dental Radiology Procedures

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 3

Carlos Ubeda; Marco Aragón; Gonzalo Aragón & Diego Aragón



The benefits of dental radiology that improve the quality of life of populations worldwide have been well established. However, the risks associated with its use are also known. With these risks in mind, various international organizations have developed a Radiological Protection System (RPS) based on the principles of: Justification, optimization and dose limitation, which in turn have evolved based on science, values ethics, and the experience accumulated during the daily practice by radiation protection professionals. While reviewing the standards that regulate the use of ionizing radiation in Chile, we observed that ethical aspects or values are not taken into account when applying the RPS in dental radiology procedures. In light of these findings, the objective of this narrative review was to develop a new consultation procedure for dentists, which contains the main aspects to consider when understanding how SPR works, in a summarized precise form, as well as the supporting ethical values. Thereby helping to resolve the value judgments that may arise during the performance and interpretation of dental radiology procedures.

KEY WORDS: Ionizing radiation, radiological protection, ethical values, dental radiology.


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UBEDA, C.; ARAGÓN, M.; ARAGÓN, G. & ARAGÓN, D. Ethical aspects of radiological protection in dental radiology procedures. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(3):577-582, 2021.


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