Sub Periosteal and Intra Ethmoidal Displacement of Gutta Percha Cone Following Endodontic Intervention of Maxillary First Molar

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 3

Nyer Firdoose & Mohamad Awadalla



Foreign bodies in the ethmoid sinus are uncommon, and endodontic gutta percha displacement is even more rare. We present and discuss a case of displacement of gutta percha into the ethmoid sinus following root canal intervention of a maxillary first molar which presumably migrated through the maxillary sinus. There have been reports on the displacement of tooth roots or implants into the maxillary sinus. However, we know of only one such report on the migration of a gutta-percha point into the ethmoid sinus.

KEY WORDS: gutta percha, ethmoidal sinus, displacement.


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FIRDOOSE, N. & AWADALLA, M. Sub periosteal and Intra ethmoidal displacement of gutta percha cone following endodontic intervention of maxillary first molar. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(3):574-576, 2021.


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