Dental Care During the COVID-19 State of Emergency at the Community Hospital of Achao, Chile: An Observational Study

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 3

Camila Francisca Barrientos García



The objective of this study was to know the prevalence of diagnostic dental pathologies in the population assigned to the Achao Community Hospital located in Achao, Quinchao commune, from May 2020 to December 2020. A descriptive observational study was carried out through the review of all dental care performed at the Achao Community Hospital, during May to December 2020, recording sex, age and clinical diagnosis according to the reason for consultation of the patient, always carried out by the same observer. 262 notifications that met the inclusion criteria were reviewed. It was noted that females consulted most frequently. The age of 76 % of the population was between 19 to 60 years. 159 notifications corresponded to GES outpatient dental emergencies, being the most prevalent diagnoses; Symptomatic apical periodontitis and pulpitis. On the other hand, consultations were observed due to the dislodgement of fillings and pieces with severe chronic periodontitis. The pandemic has generated a considerable reorganization with regard to dental care, the literature shows that it is advisable to suspend elective care and restrict it to outpatient dental emergencies, critical patients and procedures that cannot be postponed; in these cases, all protective measures must be taken before, during and after dental care.

KEY WORDS: dental care, pandemic, COVID-19.


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BARRIENTOS, G. C. F. Dental care during the COVID-19 state of emergency at the Community Hospital of Achao, Chile: An observational study. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(3):583-585, 2021.


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