Ultra-Thin Veneers: A Current State-of-the-Art

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 4

Eduardo Borie; Daniela Santamaría; Eduardo Rosas; Fernando Grandón & Benjamín Weber



Currently, the aesthetic requirements of patients are increasing and they have begun to request more conservative treatments. One alternative to achieve harmonious results is through the indication of ultra-thin veneers. This is considered a conservative technique but the evidence basis for it seems to be limited. The following review attempts to summarize the relevant literature to establish guidelines for clinicians based on scientific evidence regarding the use of ultra-thin veneers. Ultra-thin veneers seem to be a reliable alternative to achieve aesthetic and harmonious results; however, many factors must be considered to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment plan. In addition, the literature is scarce in relation to a consensus on tooth preparation and long-term studies evaluating the success of this type of treatment over time do not exist.

KEY WORDS: aesthetic, ceramics, contact lens, laminate, ultra-thin veneers.


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BORIE, E.; SANTAMARÍA, D.; ROSAS, E.; GRANDÓN, F. & WEBER, B. Ultra-thin veneers: a current state-of-the-art. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(4):898-903, 2021.


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