Alternative Oral Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid Therapy Using Tacrolimus: A Case Report

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 4

Caio César da Silva Barros; Israel Leal Cavalcante; Rafaella Bastos Leite; Éricka Janine Dantas da Silveira; Ana Miryam Costa de Medeiros & Patricia Teixeira de Oliveira



Mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP) is a blistering disease that predominantly involves the mucous membranes and that can lead to major negative impacts on patient quality of life. The first-line MMP treatment is based on the use of topical and systemic corticosteroids. In this report, we presented a 45-year-old female patient presented blisters in the inferior gingiva for over 8-months. The patient reported being allergic to corticosteroids. Under the clinical hypothesis of oral lichen planus and MMP, an incisional biopsy was performed, and the histopathological diagnosis of MMP was established. Thus, it was instituted an alternative therapy with tacrolimus 0.03 %. The patient showed an excellent clinical outcome with no recurrence five months after the end of therapy. Tacrolimus 0.03 % may represent an effective therapeutic alternative in MMP treatment and may be used in cases of hypersensitivity to standard therapy.

KEY WORDS: autoimmune; mucous membrane pemphigoid; calcineurin inhibitors; tacrolimus; therapy.


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BARROS, C. C. S.; CAVALCANTE, I. L.; LEITE, B. R.; DA SILVEIRA, É. J. D.; MEDEIROS, A. M. C. & OLIVEIRA, P. T. Alternative oral mucous membrane pemphigoid therapy using tacrolimus: A case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(4):904-907, 2021.


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