Surgical Treatment of Bilateral Mandibular Transmigrated Canine

2010 • Volume 4 • Issue 3

Sergio Olate; Juan Pablo Alister Herdener; José Luis Muñante-Cárdenas; Leandro Pozzer & José Ricardo de Albergaria-Barbosa



Migration of canine mandibles is a very uncommon phenomenon. Their incidence is less frequent than maxillary canines and present frequently in young people. Only canines, second bicuspid and third molars can migrate to ectopic areas in their development and ectopic embedded teeth are, for the most part asymptomatic. The etiology is complex and with poor information. A canine is considered a migrating tooth when it penetrates horizontally the middle line of the mandible. This paper reports a case with surgical treatment of dental extraction, including horizontal bilateral canines in the symphysis region. It was observed that dental extraction is a more frequent treatment and presented with good results in this case.

KEY WORD: transmigrated canines, include teeth, oral surgery.


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OLATE, S.; ALISTER, H. J. P.; MUÑANTE-CÁRDENAS, J. L.; POZZER, L. & ALBERGARIA-BARBOSA, J. R. Surgical treatment of bilateral mandibular transmigrated canine. Int. J. Odontostomat., 4(3):285-290, 2010.


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