Histological and Histochemical Evaluation of Collagen and Elastic Fibers in Human TMJ Tissue

2010 • Volume 4 • Issue 3

Rocío Oyanguren Figueroa; Rosa Wurgaft Dreiman & María Angélica Montenegro Rizzardini

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-381X2010000300011


The quantity and distribution of collagen and elastic fibers of seventeen human TMJ tissues were studied. Histological and histochemical methods were used. The histological evaluation showed eight TMJs with normal morphology and nine with joint tissue alterations. Elastic fibers amount and distribution was different in every analyzed articular tissue, noting the amount of elastic fibers in the anterior and retrodiscal zones. A great quantity of type I collagen fibers was found in all the joint tissues. Type III collagen fibers were found among the type I collagen bundles. These findings suggest a relationship between function and the amount and distribution of these fibers. No significant difference was found in the quantity of elastic, collagen type I and III fibers among the connective tissues in healthy and sick joints.

KEY WORDS: collagen fibers, elastic fibers, articular disc, TMJ.


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OYANGUREN, F. R.; WURGAFT, D. R. & MONTENEGRO, R. M. A. Histological and histochemical evaluation of collagen and elastic fibers in human TMJ tissue. Int. J. Odontostomat., 4(3):277-284, 2010.


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