Surgical Management of Mandibular Condylar Hyperplasia Type 2: Case Report

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 1

Víctor Hiram Barajas-Pérez; Marcelo Enrique Cazar-Almache; José Ernesto Miranda-Villasana; Norith de Jesús Recendez-Santillan; Juan Carlos Cuevas-González & Graciela Zambrano Galván



Condylar hyperplasia (CH) is a generic term for a pathological situation that is used to describe conditions that cause excessive growth and overdevelopment of the mandibular condyle and also impacting on the jaw, this bone formation is responsible about of 50 % of all deformities facial and it occurs most frequently between 11-30 years old. This case report is about a 21-years old female who showed unilateral condylar hyperplasia of left side with alveolodentary compensatory. Was carried out high condilectomy through an endoaural approach removing 5 mm of the upper condyle and the mandibular osteotomy was performed through intraoral approach with dissection and preservation of the inferior alveolar nerve, removing 8 mm of the inferior aspect of the mandible according to the aesthetic requirements. An appropriate treatment for the condylar hyperplasia focused on correcting the side effects such as functional or aesthetic it’s of great benefit for the patient because it allows improve their quality of life. A correct diagnosis is very important to planning a successful treatment.

KEY WORDS: facial asymmetry, condylar hyperplasia, surgical treatment, condylectomy.


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BARAJAS-PÉREZ, V. H.; CAZAR-ALMACHE, M. E.; MIRANDA-VILLASANA, J. E.; RECENDEZ-SANTILLAN, N. J.; CUEVAS-GONZÁLEZ, J. C. & ZAMBRANO, G. G. Surgical management of mandibular condylar hyperplasia type 2: Case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(1):5-10, 2019.


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