Enabling Elements for the Implementation of Community Health Promoter Led Interventions: A Literature Review

2018 • Volume 12 • Issue 4

Paola Olave-Müller; Natalia López-Contreras; Gabriel Cirano-Méndez; Etienne Duim & Javiera Muñoz-Mardones



This research seeks to present Community Lay Advisor interventions as a health promoting strategy that have appeared in the international literature, in order to highlight these enabling elements in the intervention’s implementation and establish a comparison among the aspects addressed in the analyzed experiences and the “Schoolbased Oral Health Promoters Program” at the Universidad de La Frontera in Temuco, Chile. A comprehensive scoping review was held between February and March 2018, with searches performed in both the academic and grey literature. Peer-reviewed scientific papers were found using the interdisciplinary database Scopus (including MEDLINE) and EBSCOhost, while grey literature and media sources were extracted from the Google and Google Scholar search engines, supplemented with a visit to the EPES foundation in Chile and an analysis of the reference lists for the selected articles. 369 articles were identified, of which 23 met eligibility criteria for this review. Based on the analysis of the experiences, some facilitators were found more pertinent when achieving the goals concerning the intervention’s design, implementation and assessment. This paper makes recommendations for the design and execution of peer-led health promotion interventions in order to increase its effectiveness and success rate.

KEY WORDS: community health promoters, health promotion, community health, health literacy, peer-led education.


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OLAVE-MÜLLER, P.; LÓPEZ-CONTRERAS, N.; CIRANO-MÉNDEZ, G.; DUIM, E. & MUÑOZ-MARDONES, J. Enabling elements for the implementation of community health promoters led interventions: A Literature Review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 12(4):437-444, 2018.


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