Subcutaneous Emphysema after Ultrasonic Treatment: A Case Report

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 1

Gajardo, Rojas Marcelo Andrés; Gajardo, Rojas Patricio Esteban; Zúñiga, Toro Christian Gonzalo; Sepúlveda, Pinto Daniel; López, Cifuentes Cristian Andrés; Roa, Henríquez Ignacio Javier & Suazo, Galdames Iván Claudio



Subcutaneous emphysema is a rarely disease seen in dentistry. It can be caused by the inadvertent introduction of air into the soft tissue during oral cavity procedures. In this paper, we present a case that developed a subcutaneous emphysema in genial, submandibular and eyelid area, in a middle-aged woman after treatment with ultrasonic method.

KEY WORDS: subcutaneous emphysema, ultrasonic, odontology.


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GAJARDO, R. M. A.; GAJARDO R. P. E.; ZÚÑIGA T. C. G.; SEPÚLVEDA P. D.; LÓPEZ C. A.; ROA, H. I. J. & SUAZO G. I. C. Subcutaneous emphysema after ultrasonic treatment: a case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(1):67-70, 2009.


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