Study of the Thickness of the Mandibular Body in Brazilian Adults

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 1

Alves, Nilton



The importance of knowing the exact thickness of the mandible in the area where certain interventions, such as the dental implants, are done is undeniable. Due to this fact, we carried out this study to ascertain the average body thickness of the macerated mandibles. We used 150 mandibles from both genres belonging to the Department of Anatomy at the “Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas” from the “Universidade de São Paulo”. They were divided into three groups: 68 edentulous, 38 dentate and 44 posterior edentulous, and for each of them, nine measurings were done. This measuring were accomplished with a CD-6’’ CS Mitutoyo digital paquimeter. The obtained values undergone a statistic analysis and the obtained average values were: 10.24mm for the edentulous mandibles, 11.33mm for the posterior edentulous mandibles and 11.65mm for the dentate mandibles. We could conclude that the average thickness of the edentulous mandibles body is shorter than the one in the posterior edentulous mandibles, and this one is shorter than the ones from the dentate mandibles, and more, there is a significant difference between the values obtained in the intersection region of the median line with the horizontal line that touches the superior margin of the mental foramen, among the group of the edentulous and posterior edentulous mandibles, as well as for the group of the dentate and edentulous mandibles. In both cases the level of significance is p<0.05.

KEY WORDS: mandible, anthropometry, thickness.


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ALVES, N. Study of the thickness of the mandibular body in Brazilian adults. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(1):61-65, 2009.


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