Study of the Localization of the Mental Foramen in Macerated Mandibles with Different Degrees of Edentulism

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 1

Alves, Nilton



The study of the mental foramen localization has the aim to establish its position through the inspection and touching related to the surrounded structures. Taking notice of the importance of this structure, since from it emerges a neurovascular bundle the correct determination of its localization facilitates the clinical activities such as the realization of anesthesia, implants, surgeries, as well as the placement of prosthesis. In this work three groups of macerated mandibles were used: 53 dentate (presence of teeth or their alveolus), 55 posterior edentulous and 62 edentulous (with reapsortion of all the alveolar process), totalizing 170 specimens. These mandibles were used to do mensurations of the mental foramen until their surrounding structures, with the aim of determining the localization of this foramen. The surrounding anatomic structures used as a reference were: the basis of the mandible, pogonion (craniometric point) and alveolar edge. The statistical analyses in each group were done, comparing among them later. There were observed differences between the three groups, due to the presence or not of the teeth meaning less or high quantity of the bone and, in this way, modifying the localization of the mental foramen when mensurated up to the alveolar edge, in some cases we could obtain a zero value of this distance, such was the osseous reabsorption. Therefore the mental foramen was localized closer of alveolar edge in the edentulous mandibles, followed by posterior edentulous and these, by the dentate.

KEY WORDS: mental foramen, mandible, mandibular anesthesia, edentulism.


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ALVES, N. Study of the localization of the mental foramen in macerated mandibles with different degrees of edentulism. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(1):41-45, 2009.


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