Social Determinants and Oral Health Knowledge in Inmigrants

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 3

S. Flores; F. Martínez; C. Vera & D. Morales



The objective of this study is to determine the relationship between social determinants of health and the level of knowledge associated with oral hygiene habits among migrants in the V Region 2021, Chile. Descriptive, cross-sectional, non-probabilistic study by convenience with a previously validated survey and a sample of 101 subjects aged 18 to 35 years. The prevalence of social determinants was measured. After verifying the normality of the results, descriptive and inferential analysis was performed using Pearson and T-student statistics. The margin of error of the sample is 10 % and a confidence level of 95 %. Data collection on public roads, online form and active search in migrant meeting centers. Of the subjects surveyed, 29 % have incomplete primary education, 36 % have a monthly income of less than US$300. With respect to hygiene habits, only 27 % brushed after every meal, the remaining percentage brushed two or fewer times a day. It should be noted that 71 % have access to public health care and 20 % have no health protection. Eighty-six pairs of variables were related with inferential statistics. The results show an association in 12 of them, of which: level of education, income range and social security system are related with the following variables and pension system are related to hygiene habits and level of knowledge (bilateral asymptotic significance less than 0.05). Likewise, it is observed that those who are affiliated to a pension system have better habits and level of knowledge than those who are not, have better habits and level of knowledge than the population without coverage. The multifactorial characteristics related to the causes of migratory movement in Latin America promote diminished social determinants. Although there is scientific evidence that relates social determinants to the health status of an individual, the literature associated with the level of knowledge and hygiene habits is limited. From the results obtained, it is concluded that the particularities of the migrants in Chile are conducive to a lower quality of oral health, which should be discussed as a health policy at a national level.

KEY WORDS: social determinants of health, migrants, oral health, public health.


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FLORES, S.; MARTÍNEZ, F.; VERA, C. & MORALES, D. Social Determinants and Oral Health Knowledge in Inmigrants. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(3):384-388, 2022.


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