Prominences of the Bony Palate and their Relationship with Odontostomatology Practice

2007 • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Suazo, Galdamez Iván ; Sandoval, Marchant Catherine; Cantín, López Mario; Zavando, Matamala Daniela; Roa, Henríquez Ignacio & Coronado, Gallardo César



In this study the presence of bony elevations located in relationship palatine sulcus in the vicinity of the greater palatine foramen was analyzed. Seventhy three mature skulls were used, in which the bony elevations of the palate were identified and they were classified according to their form and dimensions in espines, crests and bridges. The elevation more frequent was the palatine espine with 50.35% (n = 71), crests in a 45.39% (n = 64) and in a smaller proportion the bridges 4.25% (n = 6) were observed. The presence of bony elevations in the palate should be considered in the design of dentures with mucous support and in the development of technical anesthetic to the maxillary nerve via greater palatine canal.

KEY WORDS: palate, palatine crest, greater palatine foramen, maxilar nerve block.


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SUAZO, G. I.; SANDOVAL, M. C; CANTÍN, L. M.; ZAVANDO, M. D.; ROA, H. I. & CORONADO, G. C. Prominences of the bony palate and their relationship with odontostomatology practice. Int. J. Odontostomat., 1(2):115-119, 2007.


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