Evaluation of the Use of Film Holders by Undergraduation Students

2007 • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Hayashi Marcos Masayuki; Issa, João Paulo Mardegan; Tiossi, Rodrigo; Pardini, Luiz Carlos; Watanabe, Plauto Christopher Aranha



Film holder is used for the Intrabuccal Radiographic Technique (Entrance 453, Ministry of Health, Brazil). This procedure seeks radioprotection, lowering technique mistakes. However, patient’s collaboration is necessary to adapt the device. The purpose of this research study is to evaluate the effectiveness of HanShin (Japan), Indusbelo and Imagem (Brazil), and Rinn (USA) X-Ray film positioners as: 1) Technical quality and 2) Comfort (adaptation), correlating to patient’s cooperation (Discipline of Integrated Clinical Diagnosis -2000 and 2001-FORP/USP). The methodology applied was: 1st) Protocol of Mistake in Radiographic Technique with film holders and 2nd) Interview Questionnaire to obtain information regarding comfort of the film holders (C=Cooperative; LC= Little Cooperative and NC=Non-Cooperative). During clinical activities each student x-rayed three patients (Apparel of X-Rays 70KVp, 10mA, E Film, Radiographic Processing) and in each patient, a film holder brand was used. As a result of 224 patients’ studied, 1179 radiographs were obtained, 255 of those presenting “technique mistakes”, according to the brand of the film holder: 16% HanShin, 10% Indusbelo, 31% Rinn, 33% Imagem and 33% bisecting line technique (without film holder). Regarding comfort the following results were obtained: HanShin C=95%, LC=4% and NC=1%; Indusbelo C=89%, LC=6% and NC=5%; Imagem C=95%, LC=3% and NC=2% and Rinn C=60%, LC=25% and NC=15%. It was concluded that the brands Hanshin, Imagem and Indusbelo are suitable for dental radiographic exam and that the Rinn brand produces more discomfort, because its size dimensions are not ideal for the size and form pattern of the Dental Arch in the population used in this study.
KEY WORDS: film holder; film; evaluation.


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HAYASHI, M. M.; ISSA, J. P. M.; TIOSSI, R.; PARDINI, L. C. & WATANABE, P. C. A. Evaluation of the use of film holders by undergraduation students. Int. J. Odontostomat., 1(2):109-114, 2007.


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