Plication of the Suprahyoid Muscles Concomitant with Genioplasty to Improve the Aesthetics of the Submandibular Region

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 3

Andressa Bolognesi Bachesk; Marília de Oliveira Coelho Dutra Leal; Rubens Gonçalves Teixeira & Cláudio Roberto Pacheco Jodas



In addition to functionally correcting skeletal facial deformities, orthognathic surgery also has a great impact on aesthetics and facial proportions. However, patients who have soft tissue changes, such as tissue flaccidity, may not achieve an ideal result, and require complementary surgical techniques that promote aesthetic refinement. The literature on less invasive techniques is limited, and therefore, this work aims to report a surgical technique performed concomitantly with genioplasty to refine the harmony of the submandibular region, in a simple and effective way. Patient with skeletal class II deformity, with lack of mandibular definition and submandibular flaccidity, underwent bimaxillary advancement orthognathic surgery with advancement genioplasty to correct chin retrusion. Due to limited results with bone repositioning alone, plication of the suprahyoid musculature was performed in association with the same approach used in the genioplasty. As a result, there was traction in the cervical region, with a consequent decrease in the submental-cervical angle and improvement in submandibular aesthetics. Furthermore, there was no need for extensive surgical intervention and no impairment of the functional results of the orthognathic surgery itself. Therefore, it can be concluded that plication of the suprahyoid musculature concomitantly with genioplasty is a technique that promotes aesthetic gains in the cervical region.

KEY WORDS: aesthetics, dentofacial deformities, genioplasty, orthognathic surgery.


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BACHESK, A. B.; LEAL, M. O. C. D.; TEIXEIRA, R. G. & JODAS, C. R. P. Plication of the suprahyoid muscles concomitant with genioplasty to improve the aesthetics of the submandibular region. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(3):251-254, 2023.


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