New Golden Craniofacial Proportions Determination

2007 • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Trujillo, Hernández Erick Gonzalo; Suazo, Galdames Iván Claudio; Cantín, López Mario; Vargas, Acevedo Robinson Alonso



The golden proportion (φ ) corresponds to a harmonic division of a straight line in mean and extreme reason, that is to say, that the smaller segment, is to the greater segment, as this one is to the totality of the straight line, numerically can be expressed as 1:1,618. In Human Anatomy a great amount of golden relations has been described, being associated east concept with the one of aesthetic harmony. Recently have been used in the field of the forensic anthropology as a method of reconstruction of the cranial skeleton with medicolegal identification aims. The aims of this study was to analyze different anatomical points and verify if the layouts between those points establish golden relationship. 10 adult skulls was used, on identified and marked 20 specific anatomical points on each skull, the existing distance between these, determining straight, those was moderate that were denominated according to the points between which they were, which compared all versus all, observing the existing of mathematical relation between them, and were selected those who were in golden proportion, that is to say, 1 is to 1,618. Golden proportions found, in the craniofacial massif, between constant and reproducible anatomical points, and in addition, were found other proportions between the different structures that were studied.

KEY WORDS: golden proportions, craneofacial proportions, facial architecture, esthetic.


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TRUJILLO, H. E. G.; SUAZO, G. I. C., CANTÍN, L. M. & VARGAS, A. R. A. New golden craniofacial proportions determination. Int. J. Odontostomat., 1(2):165-168, 2007.


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