Fused Metallic Restoration: In Vitro Evaluations of the Marginal Microinfiltration with Different Cervical Termination and Cementant Agent

2007 • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Costa, Edson; Costa, Leonardo Cesar; Chaves, Maria das Graças Afonso Miranda & Silva, Regina Célia Santos Pinto



The fused metallic restorations are indicated with frequency in the clinical procedures; your longevity has relation with a correct indication, where the cares whit cervical termination and the cementant agent selection are very important. In this research were used fourthly human molars, witch were put under cavity preparation mesio-ocluso-distal (MOD), with the objective to evaluated marginal microfiltration in the cervical walls, the type of the cervical termination, chamfer or double inclination and different cement agent, CIVMR Vitremer (3M®) and the resinous cement Enforce (Dentsplay®). The samples were thermociclated for 300 cycles in 5º C and 55º C for 30 seconds and submerged in Rhodamina B to 2% for 24 hours. The static analyze with KruskalWallis and Mann-Withney show what the cervical termination was not related in the microfiltration, but de cementant agent show statistically significant difference.
KEY WORDS: Fused metallic restoration, cementation, cavity preparation, marginal infiltration.


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COSTA, E.; COSTA, L. C.; CHAVES, M. G. A. M. & SILVA, R. C. S. P. Fused letallic restoration: In vitro evaluations of the marginal microinfiltration with different cervical termination and cementant agent. Int. J. Odontostomat., 1(2):169-176, 2007.


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