Maxillary Sinusitis of Dental Origin. A Case Report and Literature Review

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 1

Cantín, López Mario; Coronado, Gallardo César; Suazo, Galdames Iván & San Pedro Valenzuela Jaime



The inflammatory lesions that affect the paranasal sinuses receive the generic denomination sinusitis; the maxillary sinus is the most commonly affected. This inflammation can have various origins, including the tooth. We describe a case of maxillary sinusitis in a 56-year-old patient who experienced pain on the left-side maxilla, referred to a tooth and performed a partial review of the literature.

KEY WORDS: sinusitis, maxillary sinus, dental origin, i-CAT.



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CANTÍN, L. M.; CORONADO, G. C.; SUAZO, G. I. & SAN PEDRO, V. J. Maxillary sinusitis of dental origin. A case report and literature review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(1):5-9, 2009.


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