Localization of Referred Pain in Patients with Craneocervical Muscles Trigger Points

2008 • Volume 2 • Issue 2

Alburquerque, Galvão João Pedro Moniz; Suazo, Galdames Iván Claudio & Guimarães, Antonio Sergio



The pain for miofascial point triggers it can refer to distant territories. Was carried out a retrospective descriptive study of the referred pain presence starting from trigger miofascial points located in masseter, temporalis, trapeze and sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscles in 50 patients. The masseter was the muscle that presented pain referred with more frequency (n=32; 64%), followed by the temporalis (n=18; 36%), then the SCM (n=17; 34%) and that of smaller frequency was the trapeze (n=2; 4%). The presence of two cases of contralateral reference of the masseter is commented and some mechanisms that explain these situations, described in the literature, they are discussed.

KEY WORDS: trigger points, miofascial pain, referred pain, muscle pain.


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ALBURQUERQUE, G. J. P. M.; SUAZO, G. I. C. & GUIMARÃES, A. S. Localization of referred pain in patients with craneocervical muscles trigger points. Int. J. Odontostomat., 2(2):171-174, 2008.


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