Comparison of the Level of Insertion Periodontal Between Smokers Individuals and Non Smokers

2008 • Volume 2 • Issue 2

Holmber, Fernando; Zaror, Carlos; Mendez, Fernando; Holmberg, Fernando & Holmberg, Hans



The following cases and controls study has as aim compare the level of periodontal insertion between smoking and not smoking individuals to determine the influence of the smoke on the periodontum. There was used a sample of 1738 specifics periodontal sites obtained of 50 subjects between 19 to 59 years old, from the Aníbal Pinto Lyceum of Temuco, Chile, who had recived a normal Preventive Examination of Health of the Adult. Every periodontal site was submitted to a periodontal sounding to determinate insertion level. In addition it was determinete the smoking or not smoking character of every individual and the frequency of this habit in the first group. The information were analyzed by Chi – square test with p < 0,05.The results indicate that the smoking individuals present a major loss of periodontal insertion that not smokers and in direct association with the frequency of the smoking habit.

KEY WORDS: Periodontal Disease, smoke, periodontitis, periodontal insertion lost.


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HOLMBERG, F.; ZAROR, C.; MENDEZ, F.; HOLMBERG, F. & HOLMBERG, H. Comparison of the level of insertion periodontal between smokers individuals and non smokers. Int. J. Odontostomat., 2(2):175-181, 2008.


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