Local Diagnostic Reference Levels for Periapical Radiographs. First Values for Chile

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 1

Diego Nocetti; Carlos Ubeda & Kathia Villalobos



The information provided by dental radiology procedures, both in evaluation, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies and / or dentomaxilofacial alterations, makes them the most frequent type of radiological study. However, there is a meager knowledge in our country regarding dose levels applied in such procedures, making their determination necessary to maximize the benefits and to minimize the radiological risk to patients. The present study determined the local diagnostic reference level (LDRL) for the periapical radiography of the Maxillary molar and Incisive. Simulations of radiographic procedures were performed and the value of air Kerma at the entrance surface with backscattering, was estimated using thermo luminescent dosimetry. The LDRL determined in the maxillary molar periapical radiography was 5.6 mGy for adults and 4.0 mGy for children; while on the incisive periapical radiography it was 9.2 mGy for adult patients and 1.8 mGy for children. The results obtained seek to guide the execution of future research in the area and provide information on the radiation doses delivered in these procedures, which is expected to promote a radiation protection culture and motivate the optimization of the registered doses.

KEY WORDS: diagnostic reference levels, dental radiology, radiation protection.


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NOCETTI, D.; UBEDA, C. & VILLALOBOS, K. Local diagnostic reference level in periapical radiographs. first values for Chile. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(21):196-203, 2021.


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