Fibro-osseous Lesion of the Mandible: A Radiographic Finding

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 2

Constanza Farfán; Eduardo Contreras; Bryan Quidel & Ramón Fuentes



Fibro-osseous lesions are considered benign and make up a group of disorder pathologies that are characterized by the replacement of normal bone by tissue composed of collagen fibers, fibroblasts, and mineralized tissue. We present a radiographic finding obtained from a 41-year-old male patient who attended a radiology center for a panoramic radiograph. The examination revealed an interesting radiographic finding in the left hemi-mandible, where a fibro-osseous lesion was observed. with bone expansion at the level of the marginal ridge and basal mandibular cortex, displacement of the mandibular canal, dental displacement, compromise of the alveolar cortex and rizalysis at different levels in the teeth adjacent to the lesion. According to the previous antecedents, a long-standing diagnostic hypothesis of Ossifying Fibroma is established due to its radiopacity. The World Health Organization classifies it as a benign bone neoplasm affecting the craniofacial skeleton, with the highest incidence in the jaw, generally presenting between the 3rd and 4th decade of life. We conclude that fibro-osseous lesions can be detected as a radiographic finding, this is relevant for early treatment, however the diagnosis must be made by complementing the clinical and histopathological history of the lesion, paying special attention to the differential diagnosis.

KEY WORDS: fibro-osseous lesions, radiography, mandible, ossifying fibroma


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FARFÁN, C.; CONTRERAS, E.; QUIDEL, B. & FUENTES, R. Fibro-osseous lesion of the mandible: A radiographic finding. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(2):196-199, 2023.


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