Digitally Guided Abbreviated Protocol: Tissue Marker Techniques, Recording Silicone and CBCT with Smile

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 2

Mauricio Vivanco B.; Ricardo Valenzuela M.; Valentina Padilla B. & Angelo Bustamante M.



Establish a static guided surgery protocol with referential techniques to be performed in a predictable, repeatable and simple way, in all types of cases. The abbreviated digital guided protocol for static guided surgery for implants focuses on computationally designing a surgical guide that rests on the patient’s remaining tissue, being a versatile digital protocol for prosthetic implant surgery and rehabilitation, based on clinical records, mainly the line of the smile and its uptake in cone beam tomography (CBCT), in addition to establishing occlusal vertical dimension (OVD). Thus achieving implant planning until the immediate insertion of the temporary prosthesis. The work is exemplified with 2 clinical cases. A protocol is established with the intention that it can be carried out in partially edentulous patients (Silicone Registration Technique) or total (Tissue Marker Technique in prostheses), defining a three-dimensional, digital and optimized workflow, with a consequent saving of time. clinical. As a principle of the guided surgery protocol, it is to achieve the desired surgical-prosthetic objective with high precision. Conventional implant surgery and rehabilitation is highly dependent on the operator, so the alternative of statically guided surgery is one more tool to improve the patient’s prognosis. A simple and effective digital protocol for guided surgery is established for prosthetic implant rehabilitation based on the smile line, cone beam tomography (CBCT), and occlusal vertical dimension (OVD). Predictable protocol that optimizes clinical times, achieving an immediate and individualized prosthetic rehabilitation for each patient.

KEY WORDS: Smiling scan technique, computer guided surgery, dental implant, computer assisted, prosthetic guided.


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VIVANCO, B. M.; VALENZUELA, M. R. ; PADILLA, B. V. & BUSTAMANTE, M. A. Digitally guided abbreviated protocol: tissue marker techniques, recording silicone and CBCT with smile. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(2):186-195, 2023.


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