Extrusive, Intrusive Luxation and Avulsion in a 7-Year Old Child: One year of Clinical, Radiographic and Tomographic Follow-Up

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 4

Thais Machado de Carvalho Coutinho; Alexandre Marques Paes da Silva; Thamires Chagas de Medeiros; Patricia Nivoloni Tannure Veiga de Almeida; Manuel Marques Ferreira & Dennis de Carvalho Ferreira



Dental trauma is a serious injury that occurs frequently in children and adolescents, requiring urgent dental care. The upper central incisors are the most vulnerable teeth to such traumatic injuries, which can lead to bite restrictions, difficulties in phonation and esthetical questions. The aim of this study was to report the success of a conservative approach carried out on a 7-year-old patient, victim of multiple dental trauma, involving permanent and deciduous teeth. The male patient fell from his own height, causing soft tissue lacerations and dento-alveolar traumatism in both deciduous and permanent teeth. Complementary examinations (periapical radiographs and computed tomography) were carried out. Based on the diagnoses the patient was referred to specialists for appropriate treatment. The present report highlights the importance of an early diagnosis, suitable treatment and follow-up of patients after an alveoli-dental trauma and shows the direct relationship of this approach with the prognosis of the patient and the tooth.

KEY WORDS: oral trauma and self-injury, pediatric dentistry, oral health.


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COUTINHO, T. M. C.; DA SILVA, A. M. P.; DE MEDEIROS, T. C.; DE ALMEIDA, P. N. T. V.; FERREIRA, M. M. & FERREIRA, D. C. Extrusive, intrusive luxation and avulsion in a 7-year-old child: One year of clinical, radiographic and tomographic follow-up. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(4):867-872, 2021.


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