Curricular Adjustments of Chilean Dental Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 4

Daniel Flores-Repetto; Camilo Pino; Alejandra Letelier & Scarlette Hernández-Vigueras



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused several disruptions in medical education worldwide. Universities made curricular adjustments in order to adapt to this situation. Dentistry has been particularly affected by the lockdown measures resulting in the closure of dental clinics and the disruption of face to face personal training of students. The objective of this study was to describe the main curriculum adjustments made by the dental schools in Chile during 2020. A cross-sectional online survey was carried out which included representatives from all Dental Schools in Chilean Universities. The survey requested information related to local sanitary situations, accessibility to dental clinics, availability of treatments, teaching modality, support for mental well-being and future implications of dental education. Of 27 dental schools a total of 23 responses were received. It was found that 57 % of schools had limited access to dental clinics. All schools had implemented online modality to replace face-to-face theoretical training, 42 % were able to conduct clinical activities during 2020 and 82 % of clinical competency assessments were postponed. Due to the restrictive measures of the pandemic, the face-to-face classes, theoretical evaluations and some practical activities were performed online. Depending on the communal context, dental schools were able to execute practical activities. The academic curriculum in dental schools has been severely affected in different ways as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

KEY WORDS: dental education, COVID-19, survey, dental school, curriculum.


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FLORES-REPETTO, D.; PINO, C.; LETELIER, A. & HERNÁNDEZ-VIGUERAS, S. Curricular adjustments of Chilean dental schools during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Int. J. Odontostomat., 15(4):857-866, 2021.


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