Evaluation of Guided Dental Autotransplant Protocols and their Survival and Success Rates. A Systematic Review

2024 • Volume 18 • Issue 1

Fernández-Gutiérrez, Catalina; Andrade-Valderrama, Alfonsina; Rosas-Méndez, Cristián & Hernández-Vigueras, Scarlette



Currently, the factors that influence the survival of transplanted teeth have been controlled with the use of technology. Guided dental autotransplantation has achieved greater predictability and efficiency, and has also reduced transfer times from extraction to transplantation. The aim of this review is to describe the protocols of guided dental autotransplantation, their survival and success rates published in the current literature. This review was performed following the PRISMA guideline. The search was carried out in MEDLINE, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect and SciELO, with the terms “autotransplant”, “autotransplantation”, “autotransplanting”, “autotransplanting”, “dental”, “tooth”, “teeth”, “guided”, “guide” with a 10-year publication filter. Studies were assessed for risk of bias using Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) guidelines, including only medium and low risk studies in this review. The data for each article were tabulated in a table created in the online word processor “Google Docs”. Ten studies met the selection criteria and were included. A total of 37 patients between 9 and 64 years of age were evaluated. The most frequent donor teeth were premolars and third molars. In most cases the patients had no relevant morbid history. Success was evaluated by means of various clinical and radiographic criteria. On the other hand, survival was evaluated during the follow-ups with respect to the permanence of the tooth in the mouth. This type of treatment is not very well known, and the studies included were scarce; on the other hand, they are of a low level of evidence (case reports and case series). The evaluated protocols differ in some characteristics, however, all of them achieve high survival and success rates. There are also some failures, where teeth had to be extracted due to mobility and inflammation.

KEY WORDS: dental guided autotransplantation, cone beam computed tomography, 3D printing.


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FERNÁNDEZ-GUTIÉRREZ, C.; ANDRADE-VALDERRAMA, A.; ROSAS-MÉNDEZ, C.; HERNÁNDEZ-VIGUERAS, S. Evaluation of guided dental autotransplant protocols and their survival and success rates. a systematic review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 18(1):77-84, 2024.


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