Effectiveness of the Semi-Adjustable Articulator Compared to Clinical Examination

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 1

Rafael Dario Werneck; Mariana Itaborai Moreira Freitas; Antônio Lopes Júnior; Ana Carolina Alves de Souza Rabelo; Carolinna de Ornellas Daibes Padilha Aquino; Cíntia Sossai Altoé & Nathalia Silveira Finck

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-381X2022000100007


This work aims to verify the effectiveness of the semi-adjustable articulator (SAA) when compared to a clinical examination of samples in individuals comparing the number of occlusal interferences. The research was carried out at FAESA (Integrated University of São Pedro), in which two independent researchers compared occlusal interferences in protrusion and laterality movements in the clinical examination and in models mounted on a semi-adjustable articulator, with carbon from Baush, in 77 patients who attended to the graduation clinic. Data were tabulated and evaluated by the Mann-Whitney statistical test and data normality was verified by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. When analyzing the interference of protrusion on central incisors, it was found that the mean was higher for the SAA on clinical examination. As for the right laterality in the canine guides, it was observed that the clinical examination had a higher interference average in relation to the SAA. The same was true for left laterality, where the mean interference was also higher for the clinical examination. That is, by increasing the values of occlusions in the SAA, the values of occlusions in the clinical examination also increase. As central incisor protrusions between the SAA and clinical examination were moderately positive, there was a strong positive relationship for the right sides and a moderate positive relationship for the left sides. It is concluded that a semi-adjustable articulator is an effective tool for the diagnosis and planning of the dentist, due to its ability to simulate mandibular movements. However, such a tool requires prior knowledge for an ideal assembly for treatment success.

KEY WORDS: dental articulators, functional laterality, effectiveness.


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WERNECK, R. D.; FREITAS, M. I. M.; LOPES JÚNIOR, A.; RABELO, A. C. A. S.; AQUINO, C. O. D. P.; ALTOÉ, C. S. & FINCK, N. S. Effectiveness of the semi-adjustable articulator compared to clinical examination. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(1):7-12, 2022


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