Direct Resin Composite Restoration in Anterior Tooth: 10 Years of Clinical Follow-Up

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 4

Márcio Grama Hoeppner; Fabio Martins Salomão; Flávia Emi Nakashima; Flávia Barroso Castelani; Lucas Fernando de Oliveira Tomaz Ferraresso; Amanda Vessoni Barbosa Kasuya & João Felipe Besegato



The emergence and development of resin-based materials, such as resin composites and adhesive systems, have shifted the restorative treatment of anterior teeth with caries lesions and/or fractures. Thus, based on the disadvantages of indirect restorations, direct esthetic restorations are restorative options even for anterior teeth with extensive loss of hard tissues. This study aimed to describe and discuss the direct resin composite restoration performed to solve the esthetic and functional impairments of the upper anterior teeth with diastemas. The upper left central incisor received total crown preparation for indirect restoration. Clinical results after 10 years were recorded. Considering the clinical characteristics of dental restorations, it is possible to conclude that direct resin composite restorations reestablished the esthetic and functional properties satisfactorily, even in a tooth with extensive coronal destruction. The success of the restorative treatment was dependent on factors related to the materials´ properties, oral habits of the patient, and mostly the clinical skills of the dental clinician.

KEY WORDS: composite resins. dental restoration, permanent. esthetics, dental. longevity.


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HOEPPNER, M. G.; SALOMÃO, F. M.; NAKASHIMA, F. E.; CASTELANI, F. B.; FERRARESSO, L. F. O. T.; KASUYA, A. V. B. & BESEGATO, J. F. Direct resin composite restoration in anterior tooth: 10 years of clinical follow-up. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(4):525-531, 2022.


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