Clinical Approach of Extensive Periapical Lesion with Periradicular Regenerative Surgery: A Case Report with 7 Year Follow Up

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 4

Marcely Cassimiro; Kaline Romeiro; Andressa Almeida; Luciana Gominho & Diana Albuquerque



The aim of this study is to report a case of two maxillary incisors with chronic apical abscess and through-and-through lesion submitted to periradicular regenerative surgery, with clinical follow-ups and evaluation through cone-beam computerized tomography for 7 years. In the presentation, there was a persistent sinus tract in the palate and sensibility to touch at the apical region of the central and left lateral maxillary incisors. The initial tomography revealed the presence of an extensive radiolucent area in the apical third of the referred teeth, with loss of the buccal and palatal cortices. For the treatment, a periradicular regenerative surgery was performed, an association of endodontic surgery with Guided Tissue Regeneration technique, using bovine bone xenograft and bioabsorbable membrane. The clinical and radiographic evaluations, including cone-beam computerized tomography, at seven years postoperatively, showed absence of symptomatology and sinus tract, probing depth within normal standards and apical bone neoformation.

KEY WORDS: cone-beam computed tomography, periapical abscess, periapical tissue, periodontal surgery, case report.


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CASSIMIRO, M.; ROMEIRO, K.; ALMEIDA, A.; GOMINHO, L. & ALBUQUERQUE, D. Clinical approach of extensive periapical lesion with periradicular regenerative surgery: A case report with 7 year follow up. Int. J. Odontostomast., 16(4):517-524, 2022.


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