Content Validity of an Index to Explore the Opinion of Undergraduate Students on Participation as Study Subjects in Research

2021 • Volume 15 • Issue 4

Nicolás Astete; Nelson Araneda; Pablo Navarro; Constanza Farfán & Ramón Fuentes



The participation of undergraduate students as study subjects (SS) in research is considered a fundamental research activity of the educational experience provided by a university. Educators should promote learning by the scientific method through these activities under ethical standards for research with human beings. We designed a multi-dimensional questionnaire in English and Spanish to determine the perception of the educational benefits to, interest of and influence on university students with respect to participation as SS in research, and determine the content validity based on the judgement of experts. The items were designed based on previous theories and measurement scales, and on the opinion of experts. The Student Perceptions of the Educational Value of Research Participation Scale and the Coercion Assessment Scale were included in the new Participation of University Students as Study Subjects Index (USTUDI). The validity of the content was determined based on the judgement of experts who evaluated each item for relevance. The new instrument showed excellent content validity and is a multi-dimensional, single-application instrument designed to measure three psychological attributes of the participation of university students as SS in research, making it an instrument of high educational value. However, the results must be interpreted with caution, as tests need to be carried out to evaluate other psychometric characteristics.

KEY WORDS: research participation, ethics, undergraduate students, content validity, surveys and questionnaires.


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ASTETE, N.; ARANEDA, N.; NAVARRO, P.; FARFÁN, C. & FUENTES, R. Content validity of an index to explore the opinion of undergraduate students on participation as study subjects in research. Int. J. Odontostomat.,15(4):960-970, 2021.


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