Content Anchoring Through Active Methodologies and Videos, a Postgraduate Experience

2024 • Volume 18 • Issue 1

Erik Dreyer; Pilar Barahona; Andrés Celis; Braulio Santibáñez & Anna Fores



Anchoring is the process that allows new information to be inserted into the framework of pre-existing schemes. Allows to instrumentalize the content in communication. In During the training of specialists, we anchor contents with a situational diagnosis. The purpose of this essay was to anchor contents of mastication and mandibular dynamics in professionals, students in the specialization program in Periodontics, of the Faculty of Dentistry, Universidad de Chile. The program has a rehabilitation unit in reduced periodontium (one credit, 5 sessions). This is taught with situational diagnosis and active methodologies: Reverse classroom and small group discussion. The chewing and mandibular dynamics contents were anchored through these methodologies with videos, to stimulate the identification of patterns; pinned content is identified. Individual and collective reflection was encouraged and students from the 2020 (telematic) and 2022 (in-person) classes were compared. Students were coded from 1 to 14. Characterization of the 2020 cohort: 4 men, 4 women; 5.75 years of average graduation, 2 from U. del Desarrollo, 1 U. de Concepción, 2 U. de Talca, 2 U. de Chile and 1 U. de Los Andes. Cohort characterization 2022: 3 women, 3 men; 6 years of average graduation, 5 U. de Chile and 1 U. de La Frontera. The 2020 cohort identified patterns in the second session, except for students 5 and 7 who did so in the fifth session. During the collective reflection, transformational leadership predominated. Of the 2022 cohort, only student 14, was able to identify patterns in the second session, while all of her classmates did so in the fifth session. During the collective reflection, transactional leadership predominated. In teaching professionals, the same methodologies, applied telematically or in person to anchor new content, were influenced by the leadership styles of the students, which favored or delayed the identification of the patterns.

KEWORDS: dental education, active methodologies, videos.


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DREYER, E.; BARAHONA, P.; CELIS, A.; SANTIBÁÑEZ, B. & FORES, A. Anchoring content through active methodologies and videos, a post-degree experience. Int. J. Odontostomat., 18(1):19-24, 2024.


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