Considerations in Curriculum Renewal of the Dentistry Program of the Universidad de La Frontera, Chile

2024 • Volume 18 • Issue 1

Sofía Cristina Leiva Tapia; Claudia Lorena Riquelme Macalusso; Javiera Andrea Núñez Contreras & Natalia Carolina Soto Faundez



Within the dentistry program of the University of La Frontera, there is a need to undergo a process of curricular renewal. For this, three axes must be considered: Mention in Prevention in the Dentistry curriculum, the coherence with the Chilean legislation and the Educational Model of the University in the training and management of the program, and the updated training methodologies. The Mention in Prevention should be strengthened to provide comprehensive training to students, with emphasis on social responsibility. Chilean legislation currently requires a systematic review of the dentistry curriculum to comply with quality standards, and at the same time the University proposes an Educational Model that provides a quality seal for the work of the university, with which the program must also be aligned. On the other hand, the constant updating of disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge in Dentistry must be considered and studied for an optimal result in the process of curricular renovation, as well as the inclusion of new technological tools that have been developed. These are essential axes to consider in order to generate impact on education in dentistry.

KEY WORDS: curricular renewal, dentistry, curriculum, quality, education.


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LEIVA, T. S. C.; RIQUELME, M. C. L.; NÚÑEZ, C. J. A. & SOTO, F. N. C. Considerations in curriculum renewal of the Dentistry program of the Universidad de La Frontera, Chile. Int. J. Odontostomat., 18(2):56-59, 2024.


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