Violet LED-Based Tooth Whitening and Resin Composite Restorations to Reestablish Smile Aesthetics – Case Report

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 1

Joatan Lucas de Sousa Gomes Costa; João Felipe Besegato; Tatiane Miranda Manzoli; Matheus Sousa Vitória & Milton Carlos Kuga



This clinical case described the aesthetic treatment of a patient complaining about the aspect of their upper teeth. After anamnesis and clinical examination, the association of tooth whitening photoactivated by violet LED and resin composite restorations was indicated. Prior to restorative treatment, three bleaching sessions were performed with low concentration hydrogen peroxide (6 %; Nano white flex) for 30 minutes. During this period, violet LED irradiation was intercalating performed every 1 minute, totalizing 15 minutes. Ten days after the final bleaching session, old restorations in the upper lateral incisors were removed for better color selection of resin composites. Then, all upper anterior teeth were directly restored with nanofilled resin composite (Filtek Z350XT), reestablishing anatomy, form, and function. At the end of the treatment, the association of techniques proved to be cost-effective, restoring the esthetics satisfactorily and promoting the patient’s well-being by a minimally invasive approach.

KEY WORDS: dental aesthetic, optical properties, resin composite, violet led, tooth whitening, hydroxide peroxide.


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COSTA, J. L. S. G.; BESEGATO, J. F.; MANZOLI, T. M.; VITÓRIA, M. S. & KUGA, M. C. Violet LED-based tooth whitening and resin composite restorations to reestablish smile aesthetics – case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(1):40-44, 2022.


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