Treatment of Naso-Orbito-Etmoidal Type III Fracture in Adolescents – Case Report

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 2

Rocha, J. L. S.; Cavalieri-Pereira, L.; Brancher, G. Q. B.; Altafin, L.; Cerezetti, L. & Mirandola, C.



The naso-orbito-ethmoidal region is composed of delicate bones and when fractured may result in significant aesthetic-functional impairment. Diagnosis through clinical and imaging findings is extremely important for surgical planning. This study aims to report a case of type III fracture of the naso-orbito-ethmoidal region. Patient D.R.S., female, 13 years old, attended the emergency department of Hospital dos Fornecedores de Cana de Piracicaba (HFCP) – SP with complaint of pain in the fronto-nasal region and respiratory distress after trauma in face of baseball bat. Physical examination showed edema and short blunt injury in the region of the nasal dorsum and frontal region, bilateral periorbital hematoma, hyposphagma in right eye and traumatic telecanthus. When analyzing the computed tomography, it was observed fracture of the nasal bones, also affecting the medial wall of the orbit. The procedure was osteosynthesis of the fractures and reconstruction of the nasal dorsum. The fracture traces were exposed from coronal access, reduction of fractures and use of calvarial bone graft for nasal dorsum reconstruction. The fracture and the graft were fixed with plates of 1,6mm. Postoperative computed tomography analysis showed good graft positioning, but there was still a slight sinking of the left lateral wall of the nose. In a second moment another surgical intervention was done to reduce this wall and an internal containment device was installed. Currently the patient is in a state of observation and a follow-up period of 665 days. In cases of complex nasoorbito-ethmoidal fractures early diagnosis and treatment is essential to minimize sequelae and provide a better aesthetic and functional result.

KEY WORDS: internal fixation of fractures, reduction open, facial bones, facial injuries.


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ROCHA, J. L. S.; CAVALIERI-PEREIRA, L.; BRANCHER G. Q. B.; ALTAFIN, L.; CEREZETTI, L. & MIRANDOLA, C. Treatment of naso-orbito-etmoidal Type III fracture in adolescents – Case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(2):167-171, 2020.


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