Surgical Management of Radicular Recesion with Conective Graft. A Case Report

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 2

Marcelo Soto; Benjamín Weber; Ramón Fuentes & Sergio Olate



Gingival recessions correspond to a location of the gingival margin in an apical position to the amelocementaria union. They can be linked to esthetic problems, sensitivity root, root abrasion, etc. Among the etiologic factors are mentioned anatomical, physiological, pathological and trauma. The treatments offered range from restorative procedures, orthodontic and surgery, depending on the size and type of lesion. Periodontal plastic surgery has been called the corrective surgical treatment of recession defects. The objective of this paper is to show a case of periodontal recession, using Miller’s classification as orientation, which is a surgical treatment with technique of connective tissue graft palatal flap moved towards coronal.

KEY WORDS: gingival recession, periodontal plastic surgery, aesthetic.


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SOTO, M.; WEBER, B.; FUENTES, R. & OLATE, S. Surgical management of radicular recesion with conective graft. A case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(2):103-108, 2009.


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