Study of the Brazilian Legality of the Municipal Public Schools Regarding the Promotion of Healthy Eating for Control and Prevention of Oral Health in the Context of Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 3

Jessica Rayssa Teixeira; Maria Georgina Farias; Jamili Raiane Campos; Rayla Kenia Santos; Thayná Almeida; Ana Cássia Reis; Pablo Maranhão & Kalena Maranhão



Inflammatory intestinal diseases are characterized by disharmony of the bacterial flora of the intestine. These changes are characterized as a public health problem demonstrating that the main causes of diseases are associated with inadequate nutrition and, as a consequence, changes in the oral mucosa. The developed countries are currently defining strategies for the control of these diseases, having as one of the public strategies to promote healthy eating. In this context, the objective of this study was to evaluate the Brazilian legislation in force regarding the professional dietitian to elaborate and follow the menu of school feeding, according to Federal Law No. 8,234, dated September 17, 1991, and the Resolution of the Federal Council of Nutritionists – CFN n ° 380/2005. It was carried out the survey of the Laws that establish a cadre of nutrition professionals in the public schools of the main Brazilian cities in the competent bodies. The results show that few States and Municipalities address this theme, among them the State of Rio de Janeiro, the State of São Paulo, the city of Ribeirão Preto, the city of Florianópolis, the city of Belém, the State of Santa Catarina, State of Paraná, the Federal District and the State of Ceará have already regulated the matter, as well as Law 13,666 / 2018, which amends Law 9,394 / 16. The authors conclude that besides knowing the characteristics of the oral manifestations of these patients, a multidisciplinary knowledge of the dental surgeon is essential, creating opportunities for early diagnosis, as well as the prevention and promotion of oral health.

KEY WORDS: public health, dentistry, nutrition.


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TEIXEIRA, J. R.; FARIAS, M. G.; CAMPOS, J. R.; SANTOS, R. K.; ALMEIDA, T.; REIS, A. C.; MARANHÃO, P. & MARANHÃO, K. Study of the Brazilian legality of the municipal public schools regarding the promotion of healthy eating for control and prevention of oral health in the context of inflammatory intestinal diseases. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(3):363-366, 2019.


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