Strategies for Resuming the Clinical-Laboratory Activities of the Dentistry Course Ahead of COVID-1917)

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 1

Laissa Sarmento De Araujo; Nazare Sabrina Ferreira Da Silva; Paula Angélica Costa Medeiros & Diala Aretha De Sousa Feitosa



At the end of 2019, the world stopped because to the pandemic scenario hit by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. COVID-19 is a contagious infectious disease with a high degree of spread, which caused an outbreak of contamination and lethality in a short time. As a result there was a interruption in several sectors causing an agglomeration, including all the Universities of Dentistry. Thus, the objective of this study was to carry out a bibliographic survey about the new biosafety rules, for the resumption of activities in the school clinics of the dentistry course, in light of the new world scenario. Presenting the strategies for resuming clinical laboratory the practical activities of dentistry courses, as well as analyzing the changes made in infrastructure, new biosafety protocols in accordance with the rules advocated by the Brazilian Association of Dental Education (ABENO) and the Organization World Health Organization (WHO). A bibliographic search of the last 2 years was performed, including the following descriptors: Biosafety, COVID-19, Dentistry, Universities. Studies addressed the process of resuming classes were selected, as well as biosafety standards and new clinical-laboratory protocols. The results identified new biosafety protocols for patient care in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, rules and guidelines issued by Ministries and Health Associations, as well as the impacts caused on dentistry students, professionals and patients. Thus, there was a need for structural changes in schools and dental clinics in order to facilitate the correct realization of these new protocols. It is expected that the new biosafety standards addressed in the articles reviewed, are applied for a safe resumption of clinical-laboratory activities in dentistry.

KEY WORDS: biosafety, COVID-19, dentistry, universities, radiology.


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DE ARAUJO, L. S.; DA SILVA, N. S. F.; MEDEIROS, P. A. C. & DE SOUSA FEITOSA, D. A.Strategies for resuming the clinical-laboratory activities of the dentistry course ahead of COVID-19. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(1):159-167, 2022.


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