Splint Crest Technique for Alveolar Bone in Posterior Region of Mandible with Immediate Implant

2013 • Volume 7 • Issue 1

Pozzer, Leandro; Cavalieri-Pereira, Luca; Olate, Sergio; Albergaria Barbosa, Jose; Asprino, Luciana; de Moraes, Marcio

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-381X2013000100005


Nowadays, dental implantology presents an evolution with new techniques for treatment of critical situation; bone resorption is a challenge for dental implant installation.This paper presents a case with the splint crest technique in the posterior area of mandible with installation of dental implant; the surgery was done with local anesthesia with success of procedure. A 10 month follow-up show good results presenting the efficiency of this technique.We discussed relevant aspects of the technique and other situations to improve surgical options and results

KEY WORDS: dental implant, splint crest technique, bone atrophy


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POZZER, L.; CAVALIERI-PEREIRA, L. ; OLATE, S.; ALBERGARIA BARBOSA, J.; ASPRINO, L. & DE MORAES, M. Técnica de separación de reborde alveolar en región posterior de mandícula con implante inmediato. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(1):29-32, 2013.


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