Spectrophotometric Comparison of Intracameral Tooth-Bleaching Sessions Using Hydrogen Peroxide, and Carbamide Peroxide at Different Concentrations

2018 • Volume 12 • Issue 2

Nicolás Dufey Portilla; Matías Martínez Manso & Fernando Peña Bengoa



The objective of this study was to spectrophotometrically compare the number of sessions for an effective color change using 100 % and 37 % carbamide peroxide, and 35 % hydrogen peroxide, applying the Walking Bleach technique. This was an experimental study, performed in vitro, in parallel, and was a blind study in relation to the measurement of the effect and the analysis of data. 88 premolars extracted by orthodontics indications were used. These were endodontically treated and artificially pigmented with chromogens derived from blood decomposition products. They were randomly divided into 4 groups of 22 teeth (one group for each whitening agent, plus a control group with distilled water). The treatment regime for each group was 4 sessions, with a separation of 4 days between each session. The registration of color before (baseline) and after each application was done using the dental spectrophotometer Vita Easyshade V, with which the colors were registered in the CIE L*a*b* color space. The values of total color variation (DE) were later calculated between the initial parameters and the different stages of evaluation. Significance testing was undertaken using Kruskal-Wallis and to compare the differences the method used was Steel–Dwass–Critchlow– Fligner, registering significant statistical differences in the total color variation from the first bleaching session. In conclusion, using 100 % carbamide peroxide, the Walking Bleach technique does not require fewer sessions for an effective change in coloration when compared to 35 % hydrogen peroxide, however, it does using 37 % carbamide peroxide, where the result is achieved in a lower number of sessions.

KEY WORDS: carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, tooth bleaching, spectrophotometry.


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DUFEY, P. N.; MARTÍNEZ, M. M. & PEÑA, B. F. Spectrophotometric comparison of intracameral toothbleaching sessions using hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide peroxide at different concentrations. Int. J. Odontostomat., 12(2):152-159, 2018.


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