Radiographic Evaluation of the Prevalence of Stafne Bone Defect

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 3

Israel Leal Cavalcante; Hanna Isa de Oliveira Bezerra; Amanda Katarinny Goes Gonzaga; Larissa Moreira-Souza; Wilson Gustavo Cral; Patrícia Teixeira de Oliveira; Renata Cordeiro Teixeira Medeiros; Deborah Queiroz Freitas & Ana Miryam Costa de Medeiros



Stafne bone defect (SBD) is a bone cavity in the lingual surface of the mandible normally filled by salivary gland tissue. In conventional radiographs, SBD typically resembles a radiolucent unilocular lesion with welldefined margins, localized under the inferior alveolar canal. The diagnosis of SBD is often incidental due to the asymptomatic nature. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of SBDs in a Brazilian population and to describe the radiographic features of the cases reported. This retrospective study evaluated 17,180 digital panoramic radiographs of patients with an indication of radiography for dental treatment seen at three centers located in the three Brazilian states. In each center, two researchers evaluated the images for establishment of the consensual diagnosis of SBD. In the case of disagreement, a third researcher was consulted to reach a final consensus. To assess the prevalence of SBDs, sex and age of patients were considered, and SBDs were classified according to their form and location. Data were submitted to descriptive analysis. Among the 17.180 patients, only 15 (0.08 %) had SDB, including 3 women and 12 men. The age range of the patients with SDB was 30-69 years (mean: 49.2). Fourteen cases were located in the posterior region of the mandibular body and one case in the ascending ramus. Stafne bone defect is a rare developmental anomaly that more commonly affects middle-aged men. The condition has a typical radiographic appearance and panoramic radiography is a valuable tool for its diagnosis.

KEY WORDS: epidemiology, development, bone, radiography, panoramic, diagnosis, imaging, diagnostic.


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CAVALCANTE, I. L.; BEZERRA, H. I. O.; GONZAGA, A. K. G.; MOREIRA-SOUZA, L.; CRAL, W. G.; DE OLIVEIRA, P. T.; MEDEIROS, R. C. T.; FREITAS, D. Q. & DE MEDEIROS, A. M. C. Radiographic evaluation of the prevalence of Stafne bone defect. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(3):348-353, 2020.


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