Protocol Immediately Loaded Prosthesis in Edentulous Jaws Using a Multifunctional Tray

2013 • Volume 7 • Issue 2

Yerko Leighton Fuentealba & Juan Carlos Carvajal Herrera



The purpose of this research is the description of the protocol for implant-assisted prosthetic rehabilitation immediately loaded in edentulous subjects maxillary or mandibular complete using a “Multifunctional tray Prosthetic Uchile”. The protocol was developed in a group of 96 subjects complete edentulous mandible and / or maxilla, distributed in 42 men and 54 women
with an average age of 61.5 years, which makes them assisted implant prosthetic treatment, the form of distribution polygonal hybrid prosthesis in full arch installed within 48 hrs. after insertion of the implant an impression post surgical taken for making the prosthesis immediately loaded a multifunctional tray prosthetic Uchile. After surgery the implant insertion, the torques are verified surgical implant insertion quotient values and implant stability (ISQ), proceeding to the immediate seizure of a print by UChile multifunctional tray technique, which allows recorded, the lower face facial height, positioning of the implants, the positioning of the gingival topography and its maximum intercuspation. It is sent to the dental lab for the fabrication of a hybrid prosthesis including a rigid bar titanium circular section of 3 mm. splinting welded diameter implants. During insertion prosthetic passive fit is verified, clinical and radiographic metal structure, control is effected occlusal and prosthetic contour control estético. Installed a total of 96 immediately loaded prosthesis on implants with a torque 436 Average surgical insertion of 40.45 N, and an average value of 58.6 ISQ. There were no bar sections by mismatches, only minor adjustments were made occlusal and prosthetic removal on contours. The implant-assisted prosthetic rehabilitation of edentulous subjects immediate loading in full, using the multipurpose tray UChile Prosthetics in edentulous maxilla or mandible presents a predictable and reproducible clinical outcome, noting accuracy and passivity of the prosthetic structure installed.

KEY WORDS: inmediated loading, immediately loaded prosthesis.


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LEIGHTON, F. Y. & CARVAJAL, H. J. C. Protocol immediately loaded prosthesis in edentulous jaws using a multifunctional tray. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(2):299-304, 2013.


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